The healthcare sector in the region landscape is facing unprecedented challenges – demographic and fiscal realities in the struggling economies in developing nations are forcing us to plan and deliver health care differently. The need to balance quality, cost effectiveness, and patient experience are driving us to think differently and to collaborate in new ways in order to improve access, coordinate care, and make our health care system more sustainable.

The Caribbean Infinity Institute understands this direction and we try to bring new perspectives and innovative approaches for addressing them. We have a team of experienced health care experts who are focused on partnering with you and your healthcare facility or system to define actionable strategies, design and implement new operating models and to evaluate and improve performance. Our method is simple- eliminate the waste of resources in your system to minimize your operational costs and improve your essential processes so that a high level of quality can be maintained throughout your system Here is a breakdown of our services:


  • Corporate Strategic Plans
  • Regional Health System Plans
  • Health Link & Collaborative Partnership Plans
  • Clinical Services Plans
  • Information Management Strategies
  • Business Plans

Program Assessment & Evaluation

  • Performance Indicators & Scorecards
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence Frameworks
  • Program Evaluation Models
  • Program Optimization Plans

Process & Operations Optimization

  • Operational Reviews
  • Cost Containment Plans
  • Operating Plans
  • Lean Process Redesign
  • Patient Flow Analysis & Optimization
  • Experience-Based Co-Design Facilitation

Health Care Toolkits & Guides

  • Condition-Specific Patient & Caregiver Guides
  • Health System Navigation Tools
  • Clinical Pathways
  • Health Tool Market Strategies