Caribbean Infinity Institute of Management and Behavioral Science.

Greetings from the family of the Caribbean Infinity Institute. We are a small Institution dedicated to facilitating, evaluating, and assessing an individual’s composite knowledge in the field of Psychotherapy, Law and Business Management.

Caribinfinity offers a multimode, interdisciplinary approach to education, bringing instruction to students who might be disadvantaged by financial constraints, and logistical restrictions in pursuing their desired programs of study. All of our Programs are online and completely accessible to our students at any time of the day. We offer online in-class tutorials weekly to ensure that students not only understand what is being taught but also learn the applications of the knowledge they are gaining.

Caribinfinity represents a 27-year-old tradition dedicated to the enlightenment of humanity.

Graduates of The Caribbean Infinity Institute are highly motivated individuals, who seek to address the issues that confront the society on a local as well as international level.  They possess the intellectual integrity to express and defend their accumulation of knowledge, and they are encouraged to use that knowledge to work for a better tomorrow for us all.

Join us in the Caribinfinity spirit of wisdom and personal advancement!

David Dean Ellis DD. MBA, LL.M C.H’t

Principal of the Caribbean Infinity Institute